Safe communities healthy neighbourhoods

Our crime rates have fallen significantly over the last decade yet the fear of crime remains high.

Many of our neighbourhoods have been designed for cars. They do not promote people coming together in public spaces, or physical activity, and so contribute to lifestyle diseases like obesity.

If we can make our neighbourhoods visibly safer, and encourage more people to spend time outdoors in local playgrounds or parks or socialising with friends or neighbours, we will help people live healthier and happier lives.

What’s our vision for the future?

South Australia’s neighbourhoods are safe and welcoming. People can live active and healthy lives and feel part of the community.

Neighbourhoods are friendly, well-designed places that make it easy for people to:

  • Exercise regularly and choose nutritious food
  • Walk or cycle to local services, and take buses, trains or trams to larger centres
  • Travel safely on our roads
  • Make friends and look out for each other
  • Feel safe and help prevent crime
  • Have a say in community life.

Neighbourhoods are green, vibrant and there’s plenty to do. Residents come from many cultures.

South Australia’s neighbourhoods are a great place in which to live, grow up, have children and spend a lifetime.

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