Realising benefits of the mining boom for all

South Australia is richly endowed with resources in a range of commodities.

But we need to ensure that our minerals and energy exploration potential is fully realised.

As mining activity increases it will not automatically bring widespread benefits to South Australia. Profits may be repatriated offshore. Workers may fly in from interstate or overseas rather than choose to live here. Expansion of mining may put pressure on other industries.

So we need to ensure that South Australian manufacturing and services industries participate in mining and energy production; that we offer retail, recreational and social opportunities for mining communities that support a high quality of living here; that South Australians take up the jobs on offer; and that the benefits from mining are invested in our future.

The expansion of mining must also be balanced with the need to protect the natural environment, to ensure access to land is shared equitably with other users and to make efficient use of water and energy.

What’s our vision for the future?

South Australia has a thriving resources industry and is a key mining services hub for Australia and the region. All South Australians have the opportunity to benefit from the strong resources sector.

Mining and energy have been central to the renewal of manufacturing activity and the state has successfully been transformed to one where:

  • A thriving mining goods and services hub serves mines in South Australia and other regions
  • South Australia is renowned for its technological innovation in minerals and energy production and related industries
  • South Australia is renowned for its ability to manage the challenges of a growing mining sector
  • Regional towns are larger, resilient and liveable
  • Minerals and energy projects employ a diverse workforce including disadvantaged groups, Aboriginal people and women
  • Adelaide and regional towns offer a preferred location for fly in-fly out workers to minerals and energy projects around Australia
  • South Australia has a strong reputation for world leadership in safe and sustainable minerals and energy production
  • South Australia is a globally competitive location for minerals and energy development and there is a growing pipeline of resources projects
  • A Future Fund has resulted in all South Australians benefiting through the reinvestment of revenues from mining led growth into projects to further secure South Australia’s future.

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