Premium food and wine from our clean environment

The South Australian food and wine industry is worth over $17 billion and accounts for 40% of South Australia’s total merchandise exports.

The world demand for food will rise by 70% by 2050.

To realise the opportunities this presents, South Australian food production needs to remain competitive. This will require a focus on markets, innovation and sustainable use of natural resources.

The international competitiveness of South Australian food and wine products is affected by the value of the Australia dollar and competition from low labour cost countries.

South Australia has a challenge to grow the recognition of our premium food and wine, including the high standards of our producers, and the regions in which it is produced.

What’s our vision for the future?

South Australia is renowned as a producer of premium food and wine from its clean water, clean air and clean soil.

More high quality food and wine produced across the state is consumed locally and exported around the world.

South Australia is recognised globally for its premium food, beverages and culinary-tourism. The food industry holds a competitive edge in both domestic and export markets through innovation and a strong reputation for being clean and safe.

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