Growing advanced manufacturing

Manufacturing is a critical component of any advanced economy. Each job in manufacturing generates two to five jobs in the rest of the economy.

Without a strong manufacturing base, South Australia’s economy would be less diversified, more subject to the volatility of commodity markets and would lose skills and technology that will be costly and time consuming to replace.

South Australia’s manufacturing industry faces challenges. Already squeezed by a high dollar and strong competition from overseas, traditional manufacturing is fighting a hard global battle for new investment and labour. If we want the high wage, high skill jobs that manufacturing in the 21st century brings, we need to compete on value, not cost.

The changes in the global economy present a unique opportunity to transform South Australia’s manufacturing sector to one that relies on design, innovation and new ideas for competitiveness, connecting our strengths in research and manufacturing to become leaders in new industries.

What’s our vision for the future?

South Australia’s manufacturing industry draws on research, design and innovation to successfully compete internationally and drive growth in the South Australian economy.

Manufacturing is diverse, competitive and resilient, with the ability to design, develop and make goods in demand locally and around the world.

Manufacturing uses world-leading technology and design capability to build competitive advantage and to adapt to changing markets and customer needs.

Clusters of firms work collaboratively to build national and international supply chains and provide integrated goods and services.

Universities, training and research organisations work closely with local industry to develop and commercialise innovative goods and services and develop a highly-skilled workforce.

Manufacturing attracts investment and talented world-class managers and employees.

Manufacturing underpins a high living standard across the community and provides rewarding career opportunities.

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